And then, suddenly, there was Hummingville’s debut album 'With An Elephant In a Room'. The album title refers to the obvious situations and subjects which seem difficult to address, but are impossible to ignore. Apart from this 'Elephant in the room’-context (addressing conflict, tension and that kind of misery) Hummingville's music also touches upon indescribable joy, shameless tête-à-têtes and speechless amazement. Like Banksy, Toon Tellegen and That 70’s show, Hummingville fleshes out the-elephants-in-the-rooms in its own way.

Influenced by artists ranging from The Cardigans to Rufus Wainwright and Dayna Kurtz to Burt Bacharach, Hummingville's music is as melancholic and intense as it is light and warm. Thanks to the addition of horns, strings, percussion and electronics, the music on this album is full of bright contrasts and multi-layered arrangements.

Band: Mink Quispel (vocals), Jelte Heringa (keys), Frank Jonas (guitar), Bas Kloosterman (bass guitar), Nicky Hustinx (drums).